Casttec adhesive

The casttec® hot melt glue system has enough open time to allow workers to position inserts in the form. Its high molten tack holds inserts securely in place instantly, even during pouring and vibration of the concrete. After casttec® has set, it slowly crystallises and becomes brittle. This makes it easier to de-mould and clean-up, even with automated processes. Casttec® bonds on light form oil, so there is no need to remove the oil from surfaces before glue application. Surfaces should be free of dust and dirt which could prevent the adhesive from grabbing the form.


Casttec® adhesive

Casttec® hot melt glue works on most materials: steel, extruded and expanded polystyrene foam, wood, PVC, LDPE and most other plastics.

This eliminates the need for multiple attachment methods or expensive special inserts that are compatible with magnet systems. Unlike other adhesives, there is no build-up of residue, which causes extra cleaning time with solvents or grinders that can harm the appearance of the finished parts.

Formulation Description Colour Open time Viscosity
Casttec 42-43 The best seller and most general purpose adhesive. Bonds a wide range of materials and recrystallises for easy clean Light brown Up to 3 mins Low
Casttec Cool 45-43 Designed to use in colder environments by offering a longer recrystallisation period. When the forms are cold in
winter, Casttec Cool offers stronger bonds at lower temperatures
Dark amber Up to 3 mins Low
Casttec Lite 40-43 If your forms are fiber glass, Urethane or Epoxy coated this is the product for you. Cleans without surface
damage on forms not made of steel
Off white Up to 3 mins Medium
Casttec Max 43-43 Precast adhesive for use when repeated pours are required without resetting the form. Is harder to clean up,
but will reduce the amount of work resetting forms that repeat in design daily
Amber Up to 6 mins Medium